A new flyer

So, I have this new still from one of my security cameras.  The camera has the same viewing angle as what my daughters would see from their bedroom window.

I’m thinking it would make for a great flyer for the neighborhood.

Something to the effect of “Kieth Keller Dog Walking Service.  We tell you you’re number one while your dog does number two.”

I’m thinking a few plastered around a certain church couldn’t hurt either.

What do you think?

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Xmas 14 years in the making.

14 years ago, I purchased a trio of wine from Woot Wine when they first started.  I gave away two bottles and kept one for myself.

I lack the means to store it long term and decided to open it tonight as a treat for my self.

Absolutely delicious.

Merry Xmas to all.

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Wow. My own stalker.

It appears someone who works in downtown Norfolk is so bored with their job that they have to post on my blog during working hours with some very unsolicited comments.

staklker location

And they qualify for a stalker since they changed the email they used to contact me from blackshirt7in3@gmail.com to ovzombie@gmail.com.

So what would your employer do if they found you were stalking people at work?

Contact me again an we can find out.

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Why I have a DVR in my truck, take 2.

Other than recording the times my neighbor Kieth Keller likes to rub his privates while I drive by or documenting when he drives so close as to try to run me off the road, the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) I have installed in my truck comes in handy in case I ever get into an accident.

This is the second time it has recorded an accident that happened right in front of me.  I was nearly involved in this one, as you will see.

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Redundant punctuation, I know, but just go with it for now.

What would you do if someone drove this close to you every time you passed them on the street for the last two years?

What if they came so close as to drive you to come to a complete stop at the side of the road?

What if they started doing this to your wife and/or children when they were driving?

keller close drive by finger

Now, what if you had several such events recorded on video?

What would you do?

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How Yoga Should Be Done

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Garden Plan B

So, it’s been a long time since I posted anything, but I have been busy working on projects that might be of interest.

The biggest one is the retrofitting of the hanging tomato frame I built. I tired using these over the last two years and have come to the conclusion that they are indeed totally and utter garbage.

Not only do the plants not grow anywhere near as vigorously than those planted in the traditional method, but after two years of use, most of the bags have totally disintegrated due to exposure to UV from the sun.

Now, you might be thinking that I wasted a lot of material just building the frame that I no longer have a use for. I considered the failure of the bags and what to do with the frame should this be the outcome. I built it knowing I could use it to grow something else; cucumbers.

By using pressure treated 1X4s, I enclosed the base of the frame, I filled it with a soil mixture and planted seeds.

From each of the rings used to hand the tomato grow bags I ran a heavy string all the way down to just 1” above the soil in the base.

Once the plants started to grow, it was an easy matter to wrap the plant around the line.

In some areas, it became apparent that I needed more lines. This was easily accomplished by running another line supported in between to rings.

Here are the results after a few weeks.

IMG-20140709-00332And of of this afternoon:

IMG-20140803-00349The next project is an alteration and expansion of the trellis in the front yard.

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