Barrel Aged in a Bottle

So I backed Time & Oak in a KickStarter campaign and found out later that there are so many others who have been doing the same thing for far longer.  After talking to others, arguable doing it better than Time & Oak.

It can also be argued that there was no way Time & Oak could not have known of these other companies if they performed even the most modicum of research into aging of whiskey.

Once I did, I found a plethora of companies offering rapid-aging inserts, like Time & Oak, to full fledged charred oak barrels of varying sizes for aging anything from moonshine to wine.

This post will cover a competitor of Time & Oak called Oak Infusion Spiral from who have been doing this 2005.

To be fair and uniform, the experiment begins with the same bottle of moonshine.

Here is the spiral out of the package

And here it is inserted into the new bottle of shine

According to the instructions, “flavor will be completely extracted in two weeks.”

Weather provided, I will pass this onto one of my reviewers hopefully within the week.  He can take it over from there and removed the spiral and review the end product with all due diligence and skill.

As a bonus, he will also be given his own spiral to experiment with and on with whatever medium he chooses.

Prior to the pass off, I will document any changed here.


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Why I have a video security system part 3

To document the odd and disturbing behavior of my neighbor, Keith Keller.

In this instance, to outright laugh at him as well.

It appears that when I spend time cooking on the grill with my kids and making happy noises that it is something Keith Keller simply cannot put up with.

The look on his face when he realizes that there is a camera there is priceless.

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Time & Oak – Whiskey Elements Part 2A

If it were not for the snow and ice, these would be in the hands of my friends for review.

But they will be soon, and with a bit of a bonus for both reviewers.

Think of it as my way of saying “thank you” for all of your help.

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Why I have a video security system part 2

So when the chrysanthemums I planted on my property behind my decorative stone wall die…

…I know that is was not something I did wrong…

…but rather the herbicide Keith Keller sprayed on them.

So that when I tell my daughters that the special time of year has arrived when…

…Keith Keller is leering into their bedroom windows again…

…so they need to keep their window blinds closed all the time…

…even when he does so while driving by in his daughter’s car.

To get Keith Keller to stop leering into the bedroom windows of my children, it took not just threatening to get the police to talk to him, but actually getting the police to talk to him.

Keep in mind, his wife works for a church.

Such godly people, aren’t they?

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Driving in the snow in VA


















As you can see, it really doesn’t matter.

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Time & Oak – Whiskey Elements Part 2

Well, the second Whiskey Elements has been sitting in the treated bottle for another ten day period. Compared to the first stick, it took several days before the WE even started to sink to the bottom.

So, what does the treated bottle look like now?

Here is the bottle after the first WE and the second side by side:









There is a subtle but noticeable difference.

So, how about the taste?  Here is the first and second taste test samples:









Again, subtle yet noticeable difference in apperance.

By the way, here is what the treated bottle looks like after the second WE has been removed:



Not that bad of a loss given the two small taste tests I pulled from both bottles.

The second WE looks just like the first one after the ten day soak and has that driftwood appearance.

I decided to take some of my third cut for a more in depth taste test.



Although I still lack the proper Glencairn Crystal Whiskey Tasting Glass for this, I will put forth my best effort.  I was very impressed with the untreated moonshine before, but this time it was very different.

While the untreated moonshine is still good, the WE2 treated moonshine is just so much more drinkable and enjoyable.  It is simply smoother and what most people would expect whiskey to taste like.

As far as my portion of this experiment goes, I think WE has proven itself by taking the most base version of whiskey( naked actually) and making it not a harsh drink but more akin to what one expects when it comes to whiskey.

At this point. most people I feel will simply respond “big deal”, so let me reiterate a major point when it comes to what WE just accomplished.

Normally it takes on average four years of oak barrel aging to take whiskey from moonshine to what most would recognize as drinkable whiskey.  I was able to arguably do the same in 20 days!

Just imagine what they could do to middle shelf whiskeys.

Are Whiskey Elements worth it?


Part three will not be posted here, but linked from here in part.  As stated before, I will divide the rest into thirds and have two friend give me feedback.  One has his own blog so I am sure he will post his feedback there.

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The man behind the smallest V-12 engine in the world (English subtitles)











José Manuel Hermo Barreiro, “Patelo”, is a pensioner from Galicia (Spain). He’s a retired naval mechanic and he has built the smallest engines in the world. This is his story.

32 cyl eng

Epic 32 Cylinder miniature engine. 


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