Just another Monday morning commute…

This is why I decided that a recording system in my truck was a good idea.  As you have seen already, I was able to record one accident and provide video proof to help the person who was run into.

Now we get another reason why I like having the CarDVR.

I have altered the camera positions in order to try to get a larger field of view.  Still a work in progress as you can see.

Keep your eyes on the truck coming up on the left.

The really sad thing is that I do not have video of what path the tire took once it was ran over by the trailer.  The fact that it bounced that many times and went from one side of the road to the other without striking one vehicle in morning rush hour traffic was truly amazing.

Here is another and just as dangerous a reason as to why I have the CarDVR.

Boy, glad to see he just beat the red light…

About OVZombie

Just your average local born and raised computer geek, science junkie, Boy Scout father and member, cook and father of five.
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