Midnight Moon

Reality shows are a mixed bag more often then not containing more empty value than anything else.  Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a few shows I find interesting at first, but how many times do you need to see a bike built or a crock caught or gold mined or dredged?  I am biased since I like some of the survival shows like Dual Survival.  This is most likely due to my enjoyment of camping and the like.

One show that I cannot believe is so popular is Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners.  Let us overlook the fact that it is staged.  What’s that?  You don’t think it is?  You do realize that the show itself documents a crime being committed and could be used, strike that, would be used in a court of law to prosecute the people shown, right?

When the show was first advertized, I was interested, but only due to a documentary I saw about what many have argued is the last of the real moonshiners; Popcorn Sutton.

When it came to light that Popcorn’s moonshine was being produced legally after his death, I wanted to try some.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any in my state.  Fast forward to today and things have changed.

I still cannot get Popcorn Sutton’s moonshine, but due to all the interest of late, more and more people want tot try it legally.  Now this leads to companies who never had anything to do with shine getting into the game.  Unless they were to get authentic moonshiners to run it, these products tend to be lack luster imitations.  Lucky for me, the Virginia ABC carries what appear to be legitimate moonshine, if you can find a store that sells it.

I did.  Junior Johnson Midnight Moonshine.


I have to admit wondering what shine would be like other than harsh.  As you can see in the picture, I picked up the moonshine and the apple pie moonshine.

First, the moonshine.

I tend to like to drink alcohol straight over ice.  While I am sure moonshine will vary from one maker to another, I’ve been told that this brand is a good representation of what to expect generally.

This shine tastes more like Gin to me than anything else.  It is not the same flavors, and I can see why some equate shine to vodka in some flavors, but it is definitely a more rough taste as one would expect.

The Apple Pie shine is a different matter. A very different matter indeed.  I love the mason jar for a bottle.  They also throw in a piece of a cinnamon stick.  Well, actually it is cassia, but that is what most Americans think of when they think of cinnamon.

While straight shine might be an acquired taste for some, the apple pie is something I could see people drinking just over ice or straight.  It does start off a bit strong on the cinnamon, but ends smooth, sweat and with a nice apple flavor.

Red Lobster used to have a dessert called a fudge overboard.  There are many other restaurants that have something like this and it is really easy to make at home.  The RL version consisted of a fudge brownie pie wedge covered in vanilla ice cream and topped with chocolate/fudge sauce.

The apple pie shine would go well with that type of dessert or anything with vanilla bean vanilla ice cream.

I did try something with the straight shine I normally would not do with alcohol in general; mix it with soda.  And not any soda.  I normally don’t drink that much soda to begin with, but when I do, I prefer sugar based sodas which are harder and harder to find.  Oddly enough, I did find a childhood favorite sugar based soda in Farm fresh of all places for $1 a bottle; Nehi orange.

I remember a conversation from years ago where I was told that if I had shine and wanted a treat, to mix it with orange or lime soda as long as it was sugar based.

I tought my kids how to make homemade lemon aid or lime aid by using real lemon or lime juice and sugar.  Inevitable, they want to make lemon-lime aid one day.  it was okay.

I could see using some lime juice and sugar mixed with the shine.

The orange soda was enough to hide some of the more harder notes of the shine and was actually good…

…just not as good as the apple pie shine.

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Just your average local born and raised computer geek, science junkie, Boy Scout father and member, cook and father of five.
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3 Responses to Midnight Moon

  1. SnowUrchin says:

    Actually, both of those things sound awesome, but I prefer a good ’84 Ripple Blanc.

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