Well, actually, Megalons, as in Megallons Gourmet Barbeque located at 2424 E Little Creek Rd #B Norfolk, VA 23518‎.  Attached to a used car lot.


This is one of those restaurants that fall into the ” meant to” category, as in “I meant to stop there one day.”  I finally did.

I love BBQ.  By that I mean BBQ, not grilling.  To the purists who have a problem with me using the abbreviation BBQ rather than barbeque, deal with it.

I love BBQ so much that I regularly make and cook brisket, ribs and pork shoulders (sorry purists, Boston Butts) and, well, you get the idea.  I have never entered a competition.  I cook for friends and family.  So far, I have been told that what I make is quite good.

This review is one that is hard to quantify so simply. The BBQ is okay, but I question where it came from. It is not that great.

The “sauce” is also an over-done horrible concoction.  Mostly Worcestershire sauce to my taste.

The brisket is horrible, sub-par and mostly fat.  They cook it at, according to one person working there, at 180 overnight. I was told that they do this by lighting a fire that burns out overnight and in the morning, the brisket, according to them, is done.

No, no its not.

When I asked for a brisket sandwich, they pulled a piece of meat from the cooler. All of the fat normally associated with a brisket was still there.  Not removed and not cooked off.  The connective tissue (collagen) that normal turns into delicious gelatin simply didn’t.

Just ew.

No taste of a rub, sauce and no taste of any smoke.

They cut a few slices, heated them up in a microwave and put it on a bun.  All the fat was left intact.

To call it roast beef would be an insult to anything beef, roasted or otherwise, imitating beef or anything that ever had an inkling that it might, one day on a larc, call itself something remotely resembling a beef- like product.

The sad thing it that their hush puppies appear to be home-made or at least from a high quality mix and quit good.

I have yet to try anything else like their ribs.  I saw a “rack” and “half rack”prepared for a customer.  No thanks.

The “brisket” turned me off to the point that I have not been back since.

There are much better places to spend your money for a better product that simply costs less.

Maybe I should keep “meant to”s as they are…

About OVZombie

Just your average local born and raised computer geek, science junkie, Boy Scout father and member, cook and father of five.
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1 Response to Megalon

  1. SnowUrchin says:

    Disappointing since the wife and I usually find dives awesome. Harsh, but good info!

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