Shine on…

At the risk of sounding like a follower of trends, not to mention a real lush, I have a detailed post, or rather posts, on moonshine.  I didn’t want to bore people who read my blog, but a dear friend has convinced me to do an in-depth, multi-part review, so blame him.

The trend is, of course, in regards to the recent bogus moonshine “reality” shows.  I have already blogged about moonshine and Popcorn Sutton before.

I was interested in moonshine, legitimate version only, for a while, but I could never find such “likker” via ABC when I checked in the past.  I was informed how that has changed.  So, like with my wine, off I go to do research and testing.

The first moonshine I tried was Midnight Moon which does have real credibility.  The Apple Pie shine is great, as attested by not just me.  Onto other moonshine.

I found a VA ABC store that carried a large array of different moonshine.  Only problem was that they were sold out of all but one type:  Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine, peach .  Lucky for me considering what their website states about the peach moonshine:

Anyway you slice it, peach has long been a traditional flavor of the American South. From chilled preserves to warm cobbler – in homemade marinades,sauces and glazes – its flavor profile adds just the right touch of aromatic sweetness. Ole Smoky ® celebrates this beloved summer stone fruit with OleSmoky’s ® Peach Lightnin’ Moonshine ™. At 40 proof, you’ll find it easy to sip, whether straight, over ice or mixed into a creative cocktail. · We think it’s peachy keen.

So glad to be in a test market.

As good as I found Midnight Moon,  Ole Smoky is simply far better.  I think I know why.   For that information, I will have to make another post.

Again, blame him.

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