When I want Chinese…

One of my favorite places is Super China located at 1710 E Little Creek RD Norfolk VA near the WalMart Grocery.

Some of their dishes are just standard and not that outstanding, but a few show why I like them over others.  Take for example their chicken teriyaki.  Most places I have had this, as far as take-out, was over flavored, overcooked or both.  Some places overcook to the point of being burnt or burnt the marinade an ruined the meat.

The other dish I love is the General Tso’s Chicken.  When I first tried it, I wanted more spice/heat, but I hat not noticed an extra they add; peppers.  The sauce is cooked with whole red peppers to give it some kick.  Want more, dice and add the whole peppers or munch on them directly, if you can.

Their sweet and sour chicken is fine as is their fired wantons, but their steamed dumplings are great as is their egg drop soup and sesame chicken.  One noteworthy, well, note about their steamed dumplings is the sauce.  Most places for take out just use a thinned out soy sauce.  Super China’s sauce tastes like a combination of soy, orange and something that adds just a bit of heat.

The food is always hot, service is excellent and the prices well within reasonable.

I am biased since the people who work there know me and my kids due to the many, many visits and the fact that their kids go to school with mine, but doesn’t that just add to what one would consider to be a favorite neighborhood restaurant?

About OVZombie

Just your average local born and raised computer geek, science junkie, Boy Scout father and member, cook and father of five.
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