Water Tank Take 2

Time to get back to the yard projects.

Last year, I helped clean up the property of someone who could no longer do it for herself.  Her husband use to collect a lot of items that he would fix-up and use or sell.  He had passed away a few years ago and the items just sat there collecting debris.  Someone called the city to complain and the elderly woman found herself in a bind.

While cleaning up her property, I ran across a large and slightly beaten up container.  It was headed to the junk yard, so I took it for myself.  By the design, it appears to be able to hold water.  I sealed up the holes as best as I could and installed a diverter into my gutter to fill the tank.

It needed to be cleaned up a bit.

As I said, it was large.

What you see inside of the tank is a fire ring I use for camping.  It was made from the bottom of a 50 gallon metal drum.  Measuring the inside of the tank, it appears it can hold around 200 gallons.  Does it give you a better perspective of size?

So I cleaned it up.

And hooked it up.

And a simple rain filled it to capacity.  Two days later, it was bone dry.  It seems that I didn’t get all the leaks.  I went back to using my older rain barrels until I could find a way of fixing the new tank.

And so, after finding hopefully a fix to the two holes I knew of and one open and very small drain hole I didn’t know about, I am now waiting for more rain, which should be all this week.

Oddly enough, what I ended up using was the “As seen on TV” Flex Seal spray rubber.  I had to wait until it would be at least 60 degrees to use it and for it to dry properly which didn’t take that long.

According to the can, it is not meant for and has not been tested for use with potable water.  Hopeful, this will not be an issue since it is meant for use in the garden.

If this works, I will have to order a crank pump online that can handle fluids like water.

200 free gallons for the garden.

Worth it?  I think so.

About OVZombie

Just your average local born and raised computer geek, science junkie, Boy Scout father and member, cook and father of five.
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