New Tech – IR Floodlight

I mentioned altering my security setup again due to some more kids making the rounds in the court.  The problem with my current configuration is the IR lights used and their focus area.  My long distance IR Camera looking out towards the entrance of the court is primary focused on my own property to cover a specific are.  This leaves a large area under covered by IR light.

I have purchased and have been testing an 850 NM (nanometer)  IR floodlight rated at up to 100′.  The tests have been internal as in not outside my home.  Tomorrow, time permitting since it is Father’s Day, I will mount the IR flood light to augment the existing IR lights and long distance camera that looks at the entrance of my court.

As with the rest of the system I have build, this is a learning process and with any learning process, it will be documented here, eventually.  This way, if you want to build a similar system, you can avoid the same mistakes I made and learn from my successes.

Again, the IR floodlight runs the risk of upsetting a certain neighbor, but considering what has happened over this weekend, I could really care less.

By this I mean a certain neighbor leaves for two days and there is no late night dog walks.  He returns and so does the late night dog walk.

If this low powered IR floodlight works, there will be others.  Some have ranges of up to 100 meters (300 feet).

Just a side question; would you want your children or grand children running, playing or sitting in grass that a dog defecated on and in?  Does it matter that the dog owner pick up the feces? (I’m sure none of it remained on the grass.)

It would to me. That is why I have no trespassing signs on my property in order to make such “neighborly” activities criminal.  But, as one video I have illustrates, letting your dog deposit feces in the street in front of my home and walking away is still a very, very discussing and cowardly act.


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Just your average local born and raised computer geek, science junkie, Boy Scout father and member, cook and father of five.
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