Summer Project 2013: Trellis

I built a trellis for some Moon Plants grown from seed.  I used a trick that I learned when I built an arbor years ago that spanned my front walkway and had small trellis sections on each side for growing plants.

To aid the plants growing in one direction and to protect the plants from any damage as people walked by or damaging people cloths, I covered the back of the trellis with several staggered layers of landscaping cloth.

An added benefit I discovered was how the landscaping cloth will collect and direct water into the bottom of the trellis.  The bottom of the trellis is also lined with several layers of landscaping cloth and there are open slots to allow extra water to drain rather than pool.


So, what do you think?

Unlike some people who spend several years just building a shop to work in, I am not that experienced of a wood worker.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am proud of the work I do and I do my best.  I’m just sure a more experienced person could do it better, faster cheaper, etc.

There are some areas that need some touch-up paint, but all-in-all, I am very happy with it.

About OVZombie

Just your average local born and raised computer geek, science junkie, Boy Scout father and member, cook and father of five.
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1 Response to Summer Project 2013: Trellis

  1. SnowUrchin says:

    I see… Sir, I assure you that, with my skill set, if I were to spend years building a shop to work in as you suggest it would be a vast sprawling monument known throughout the land as “The Collapsiest Place on Earth”.

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