Redundant punctuation, I know, but just go with it for now.

What would you do if someone drove this close to you every time you passed them on the street for the last two years?

What if they came so close as to drive you to come to a complete stop at the side of the road?

What if they started doing this to your wife and/or children when they were driving?

keller close drive by finger

Now, what if you had several such events recorded on video?

What would you do?

Yes, this is Keith Keller again and yes, he is flipping us off as we drive by.  Juvenile way of flipping someone off you say?  Agreed but, like most cowards, that is the only way Keith Keller can do it.

Rather harsh to call him a coward?  Not really when you consider that he cannot face or go after an adult he has problems with but, will target their children.

About OVZombie

Just your average local born and raised computer geek, science junkie, Boy Scout father and member, cook and father of five.
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