Why I have a video security system

I have been asked and asked if the video system was really necessary.  I designed and built an external video system after using a simple HD video camera setup in my garage.

The camera recorded some rather disturbing things Keith Keller was doing to and on my property when I was not home.

There were also incidents where some teens were breaking into cars in the neighborhood.  A few other neighbors were setting up similar external systems and having a visible external camera usually makes for a good deterrent.

So, take this video for example.  At this time, there was a leash law in Norfolk, no trespassing signs on my property and Keith Keller had been specifically told to stay off the property.

Notice how he didn’t leave with a small bag filled with anything?  That’s because he would leave it behind for me to clean up.

When I first moved in, Keith Keller claimed he owned parts of my property.  When that didn’t work, he claimed he had rights to my property and one of the reasons was due to the fact that he had lived in the neighborhood longer than me.

Needless to say, he ignored me and treated my property as his.  I setup a barrier on my property to keep Keith Keller out of my yard when he cut his grass.  After I caught him destroying the barrier and explaining the legal ramifications of his actions, he started to take different tactics.

For a time, he shifted his claim stating that my privacy fence was on his property.  He even went so far as to alter the property pin.  I kept the pin exposed since I was not finished with work in my front yard and found it covered one weekend in a mixture of dirt and cement.








The pin had been hammered out towards the street and in towards my property relative from my POV.  After the pin was fixed, Keith Keller just moved his obsession onto other things including my children.

I have since built a brick wall on my property and it is an item Keith Keller has spent years obsessing over.

And obsessing over.

One odd thing once the wall went up was its apparent magical capacity to collect garbage in the form of water bottles, beer bottles and yard debris.  I can’t say I’m shocked at least to one source of the debris.

So, ignoring trespassing signs yet again (not to mention common decency, morals, etc), evidently Keith Keller decided that debris from his flower bed belonged on my wall.

The astute among you may have also noticed that these videos are all from the same day.



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Just your average local born and raised computer geek, science junkie, Boy Scout father and member, cook and father of five.
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