Freedom of Speech of the kind most shun.

Freedom of speech is just that and not just for the OV perverts who like to stalk, harass and flip off children. 

Many just pay lip service to this concept and abandon it once they encounter speech they find offensive.  In doing so, they miss the point entirely.

I love this right we have.  It has served me well in everything from posting public videos of what the a for mentioned Keith Keller has done to something I really love; debates.  Yes, that last one is major and epic.

By debates, I mean everything from formal and structured to freestyle and add-hock.  Some of the best I enjoyed and had the pleasure of being in or even observing was on services like PalTalk where you can talk to people from around the world on every and any topic imaginable.

One thing I quickly learned on PalTlak was just how many countries lack such a basic freedom of even the most simplistic understanding of what such a freedom means.

Take, for example, an exercise of the freedom of speech that many I have debated before would deem as not worthy of protection or, worse, needs to be shutdown by the government.






















(Click on image for a video link)

To quote an article from

“Pamela Geller is planning a “Draw the Prophet” event in Garland, Texas in the same location as a Muslim group held a “Stand with the Prophet” conference in January. The First Annual Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest will be hosted by the Curtis Caldwell Center, which is owned and operated by the Garland Independent School District.”

As I stated, many will not like this and will want to see it shut down.  I think it needs to be protected.

I could write and spout off a long list of reasons why, but if you don’t get that, I seriously doubt anything I could say would change your mind.

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Just your average local born and raised computer geek, science junkie, Boy Scout father and member, cook and father of five.
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