Why I have a video security system part 9

So when Keith Keller decided to start walking his dog around my youngest son while he was walking home from the school bus stop,  I can make sure at least that Keith Keller’s dog doesn’t violently lung at my son as it has in the past.

The only thing he does here is stalk him and flip him off in the cowardly fashion you have seen Keith Keller do in the past.

During these earlier than normal dog walks, Keith Keller has also been hanging around my youngest son’s bus stop with the same dog.

Now why would an older man intentionally hang around a middle school bus stop or time his walks to coincide with the bus getting there?  Probably the same reason that when there is no school, the dog gets walked at a different time.

While my cameras cannot see around the corner to my son’s bus stop, there are other neighbors who have security cameras that can and who know what’s going on.

I contacted the school my son attends to warn them of a man stalking my son at his bus stop with an animal that has shown aggression towards him in the past.

After all, there are other kids at the bus stop as well and the school should really know this is going on.

I also had a long and detail conversation with the Norfolk PD who I believe had at least a brief chat with Keith Keller.

My kids have been told that if the dog lunges at them and gets close enough to bite and/or tries to bite them to kick it with everything they have.

The really sad thing is that Keith Keller is so focused on going after my kids and flipping them and us off that he never noticed other neighbors in the court and in the neighborhood who have noticed his actions.

When I was asked about what was going on, I really had no choice but to tell them.

Now with these searchable videos online, I can simply show them.

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Just your average local born and raised computer geek, science junkie, Boy Scout father and member, cook and father of five.
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