Fair-Weather Patriots

I never knew such a thing existed until one of my friend’s fathers, who was in the military, described what one was one day.   Granted, I was around ten at the time.  Now they are all too easy to see and find.

Most are the lazy who think that flying American flags on their property makes them a patriot while totally disrespecting the flag in the manner it is flown and treated.  Not having the flag fully illumined at night, using dim solar lights that a Bic lighter could outshine or leaving it up in the rain and foul weather would be prime examples.

Leaving a flag up that is tattered, torn or faded is another.

Disposing of one by simply throwing it away is the final insult.

I’m sure that a legitimate critique would the predicable question of “where’s your flag?!”  I don’t have one and for a very good reason.

Leaving a flag up at night as long as it is fully or properly illuminated seems foreign given that the veterans I knew growing up would hoist the flag every morning and take it down at dusk.

If I were to fly an American flag, it would feel wrong not giving it such respect.  Every BSA camp I have ever been to practices this as well.

Considering the work schedule I typically have, not to mention modern life, I simply cannot ensure that I could do the same.

The recent shooting at the Chattanooga recruiting station has led to a multitude of American flags being lowered to half-staff not just on Federal and State properties, but with companies and civilians.

That is with civilians that are not fair-weather patriots or who use the flag as a decoration.


And yes, that is a weak solar light at the top of the pole.

Is this an atavistic view?  I think it is sad if it has become so.

About OVZombie

Just your average local born and raised computer geek, science junkie, Boy Scout father and member, cook and father of five.
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